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Registration for the 16 week Zero to Hoodie Cybersecurity Data Science Bootcamp!

To apply for financing, please fill out the form here

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Registration for the 16 week Zero to Hoodie Cybersecurity Data Science Bootcamp!

To apply for financing, please fill out the form here


This course is only for the most dedicated of students. No refunds will be given for ANY REASON. Either you’re in or you’re out. This is a commitment to an hour of lecture a day, 4 nights a week, plus several hours of independent study per day, every day, for 16 weeks. If you have any hesitation about being able to complete this course for any reason, I suggest you check out the Zero to Hoodie substack for a self paced learning platform to learn cybersecurity and @BowTied_Raptor’s Substack

If you’re ready to commit to changing your life, then read on.

You wake up, step outside on your ocean side balcony, and soak in the Caribbean sunshine while sipping a cup of black coffee. You’re on vacation, but you’re always on vacation.

That’s what it feels like when you can work from anywhere.

You open your laptop, and after a few hours of data analytics and model building, you’re off to enjoy a perfect evening with your wife with a beach side restaurant meal of fresh fish and champagne.

But it’s not all fun and games.

Data science is BRUTAL to learn if it’s not a natural skill for you. This is why only a few survive.

This is why you can work from anywhere and still make the big bucks.

Let me show you how this life can be yours.

Introducing the Zero to Hoodie Cybersecurity Data Science Bootcamp!

We’re building on our past successes of the EXTREMELY well love Zero to Hoodie Cybersecurity Bootcamp and adding in EVERYTHING you need to start a career in Data Science.

While the Zero to Hoodie Cybersecurity Data Science Bootcamp is BRAND NEW, take a look at what students have said about our original Cybersecurity Bootcamp:

Here’s what they had to say:

I could list thousands of photos of student’s we’ve helped either obtain certs, get jobs, or had something positive to say about the work we’re doing.

Absolutely no one on this green earth does job training like we do.

From the TOP 3 internationally rated education substack that has helped our students win:

  • Millions in salaries (and counting)
  • With little to no college
  • And little to no industry experience
  • In an average study time of just 90 days

Comes the next evolution in the cybersecurity education revolution.

Take a look at some of our success stories:

But should YOU pursue a career in DATA SCIENCE???

Data Science is for you if:

  • You’re tired of your current 9-5
  • You need more financial stability
  • You want to enter a job market that’s growing and has insane opportunities
  • You LOVE numbers and analytics
  • You want to make as much money as possible
  • Solving answers to previously unknowable problems with big data excites you

This 16 week bootcamp includes:

  • A WORLD CLASS Learning Management System to track your learning and progress
  • YOUR OWN Student Success Advisor to help you:
    • Set and achieve your goals
    • Remain accountable
    • Support you
    • Celebrate your wins
  • 8 weeks WORLD CLASS Cybersecurity Training
    • 48+ killer lectures, recorded from Cohort 0 / Cohort 1 AND live weekly Q&A sessions ($6,000 value)
    • 5 weeks of Network+ Study prep ($1,500 value)
    • 3 weeks of Security+ Study prep ($1,000 value)
    • 5 weeks of advanced topics such as:
      • Linux ($700 value)
      • Python ($1,000 value)
      • Cloud security ($400 value)
      • Hacking ($600 value)
      • Traffic analysis ($300 value)
  • 8 weeks of WORLD CLASS Data Science Training
    • 20+ killer recorded/live lectures AND live weekly Q&A sessions($6,000 value)
      • From qualified and certified instructors like:
        • BowTiedRaptor
          • Creator of the top 20 in technology Data Science 101 Substack
          • Former data analyst and current data scientist
      • Covering a WIDE range of topics including ($6,000 value):
        • SQL
        • PowerBI
        • Python
        • R
        • Modeling
        • Real world applications
        • Cybersecurity capstone project
  • Direct mentorship from BowTiedRaptor himself to train you on the nuance of data science and to help you secure your first job ($5,000+++ value – honestly, this is hard to quantify)
  • A private Zero to Hoodie Cohort discord server that will be yours to keep FOREVER ($300 value)
  • Access to the exclusive Zero to Hoodie general discord server ($500 value)
  • An exclusive custom designed Zero to Hoodie hoodie (because every hacker needs a hoodie) ($50 value)
  • BONUS 12 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION TO THE ZERO TO HOODIE CYBERSECURITY BOOTCAMP LITE (just in case you decide data science isn’t for you)

For those keeping score at home, this can and should be a $20,000 course and likely will be in the near future.

Seats are limited and when they’re gone, THEY’RE GONE.

Let’s make history – sign up to be a member of the Zero to Hoodie Cybersecurity Data Science Bootcamp today and change your life.


  • Do I need a degree to get a job in data science? NO! Colleges are zeros. Anyone can get a data science job. It all comes down to certs and knowledge. Our job is to get you there.
  • I don’t have any technical experience. Can I still do this program?YES! This is ZERO to Hoodie. Zero means zero. This bootcamp is MADE for people who are starting from zero and want the best start in the industry as possible.
  • How do I know it’s for me?You don’t. You try it and find out. The only difference is, you’ll find out after months, not years like you would if you went to university. I’d recommend looking up some videos on data science, read a few books on SQL and PowerBI to see what you’re getting yourself into.
  • I’m only interested in the money and the lifestyle. I don’t really care about data science as a career. Can I still be successful? That all depends on you. Probably. But you might not last.
  • I come from X industry. Can I transition to data science? YES! Anyone willing to stick it out can make it around here
  • I’m outside of the US. Is this bootcamp for me? YES! The foundation of this bootcamp is internationally recognized certifications and additional supplemental information. Will this mean you’re guaranteed a US based job? No. Will it give you a opportunity to pursue a data science career career in your home country? Likely. Is it possible that you could get a job with a western company being a citizen of your current country? Absolutely. Being a US resident is a huge advantage but it’s possible without being one to still secure a job.
  • I don’t know anything about X subject. Is this bootcamp for me? YES. Everything we introduce, we introduce from zero. But the material builds and assumes you learned what you were supposed to. Keep up and everything will make sense from Python to PowerBI.
  • I’m interested in enrolling my child in high school. Is this a good program for them? YES!!!!! Nothing makes me happier than seeing young people succeed and put themselves on a good path early on. We have students of all ages going through our programs and would love to set your child up for success. This program is only eligible for those 16+

This course DOES NOT come with a jobs guarantee. Your ability to secure a position is a direct reflection of the work that you put into the course, and you’ll be positioned extremely well if you DO THE WORK.

All study materials will be provided with the course, for both the exams and the advanced topics.

!!!This course is strictly for educational purposes only and DOES NOT include exam vouchers!!!

2023 © All Rights Reserved By BowTiedCyber LLC 

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