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What is the Zero-To-Hoodie Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

Zero-To-Hoodie Cybersecurity Bootcamp is a cybersecurity education program designed by BowTiedCyber to provide students with the 90-Day career roadmap, the resources, the skills, and community to achieve a high level of success in the cybersecurity field.

We have helped 90+ students start their careers in Cybersecurity within 90 days, helping them secure opportunities on in-person teams and in remote work with starting salaries as high as $118,000 a year. Most of our students start from zero experience and have gone on to become leading cybersecurity professionals.

How I Went From ZERO To BowTiedCyber:

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Are You Ready to Level Up?

Are you ready to put the work in for a $100k+/year role with opportunities of remote work in cybersecurity?

If you are serious about getting into the cybersecurity field with speed, the Zero-Hoodie Cybersecurity Bootcamp will help you break into the industry in 90 days.

Here’s How:

Create Your 90-Day Career Roadmap

Step-by-Step Plan to get you to your ideal cybersecurity role. Speed is the name of our game and we know how to get you to your role without years of study and months of job search.

Get You Certification Ready

All the UP-TO-DATE knowledge you need to ACE the Network+, Security+, AZ900, and Splunkcore exams with flying colors. Courses also include Linux, Python, Red Team/BlueTeam, Cloud Security, Traffic Analysis, and more.

Prepare You For The Job

Current applicable projects to build your skills and portfolio to show employers, thorough resume prep to make sure you are presented as the BEST candidate for the job, and intensive interview prep to make sure you secure the bag.

Provide You With Mentorship

Personal guidance from BowTiedCyber and other cybersecurity education professionals who know the industry and job market inside and out.

Invite You Into Our Community of Hoodies

We are building a community of top-notch students and graduates that go on to become the future leading cybersecurity professionals in the field. Providing a network of opportunities all over the world.

By The Numbers

Our Students MAKE MORE

Our students get jobs faster and for higher salaries compared to those who only do self study* (estimates by BowTiedCyber LLC)
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Average Starting Salary in the US

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Average Starting Salary Internationally

0 Months

Average Study Time

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Highest Starting Salary



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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don’t have any experience with cybersecurity?

That’s 100% okay. Most of our students start from zero experience with cybersecurity. All of our students who have followed our roadmap, curriculum, and mentorship have gone on to be top tier cybersecurity professionals. You just have to be willing to put in the time and genuine effort.

How much time is this going to take up?

To achieve anything great, time commitment will always be required. To be a successful student in our bootcamp, our students are able to commit 10-15 hours a week to ensure that they reach their cybersecurity career goals in 90 days.

How much does it cost?

You do have to pay to play. We provide flexible bootcamp pricing options and for qualified students we also offer payment plans to accommodate most financial situations. For us to understand the right pricing and plan for you, book a call with us.

How do I know if this is right for me?

We believe that anyone can start their career in cybersecurity, but the truth is, we don’t know if this bootcamp is for you.

For us to really have an answer for you, we need to fully understand what your goals are and what your current situation looks like. You can book a call with us, and we can help you figure out if this is right for you.

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Still have questions? Schedule a call with our team.

Evan Lutz

BowTiedCyber is a cybersecurity education and professional services firm founded by Evan Lutz – a cybersecurty engineer and former network security engineer with 4 years of experience in the industry, as well as a certified ethical hacker and Python software engineer. He created the Zero to Hoodie Substack as well as founded the Zero to Hoodie Cybersecurity Bootcamp.

Insightful and Actionable

Everything we do is with intent. Giving you the knowledge and skills to start your Career in Cybersecurity.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Everything can be done with self study, but that is the blind leading the blind. Check out our free Cybersecurity Career roadmap below!

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90 Day Cybersecurity Career Roadmap

This is going to be the bedrock of your cybersecurity career. The CompTIA Network+ will give you a thorough understanding of networks and how to protect them. As well as open opportunities for your first tech job.
The second and final cert in your journey to you first cybersecuity job. This will fill in the security gaps missed by your Network+ exam. This will round our your foundation of your basic education. Next we apply what we’ve learned.
This is where the rubber meets the road. Here you’ll learn all kinds of tools and software you’ll need to be successful including Linux, Python, Traffic Analysis, and Red Team tools. Followed up with an ePortfolio and a clean resume designed to beat the ATS and A LOT of applications. You could have a job by day 90!

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